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A few thoughts and photos from a girl who feels like she's from a far away country.
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Lookin’ kinda ominous to the east… (at METRO 44th St/Washington St)

Someone has discovered pine cones. #saturdays #bubbytheexplorer #ilovemynephew

I’ve been going into the office all week, so today is the first day I’ve seen this guy in a week. In the process of walking him home, he insisted on seeing my aunt’s dog. #saturdays #ilovemynephew

My father knows me well… Can’t wait to dig into this one. #goodreads #donthavetobuyitnow #istillbelieve

Every I see this tree blooming in the courtyard of my office complex, I tell myself I need to get a picture. Today, I finally did. :-)

My Mary went through a dramatic change today. #sisters #haircuts #sopretty #myprettymary

Jay decided he wanted to wear a tie, too. #nlbcphx #sundays #teensofnlbcphx (at New Life Baptist Church)

This is what happens when money becomes part of a challenge for the men on the worship team to ALL wear ties on Sunday morning. #nlbcphx #worshipteam #sundays

My sisters are geeking out over their shared education major. I feel a little bit left out. :-(

This morning’s sermon broke though a huge creative dry spell that’s been plaguing me the last few weeks. Outlined an entire chapter of my unfinishef #nanowrimo2013 project today based on Romans 5:1-5, and hoping I’ll be able to write it while I sit in this passage. #amwriting #inspiration